June 1, resumed the transportation of gas from Russia through Belarus and Poland to Germany through the pipeline “Yamal-Europe”. Before a long-term contract on transit of Russian gas through the Polish section of the motorway has ended on 17 may, Russian gas flows to Europe according to the results of daily and intraday auctions. And in the last week of may “Gazprom” has shown that does not need the services of Polish pipe. The more that the European market due to quarantine restrictions and so is in a state of excess gas.

the line “Yamal-Europe” is not the only export pipeline for delivery of Russian gas to the target market. Running at full capacity the line “Nord stream” (55 billion cubic meters per year), steadily pump gas to Ukrainian gas transport system (transit for 2019 – 92 billion cubic meters, 20 billion cubic meters in the first five months 2020).

nevertheless, as reported by the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, to limit transit through Poland immediately responded to the gas market in Europe. Price (contracts with delivery “next day”) immediately soared by a third, although the day before she was kept at 34 dollars per thousand cubic meters and even fell to 26.4 per dollar, and since this week is about 46 dollars for one thousand cubic meters.

As reported by “Interfax”, when the Russian concern has reduced the volume of transit through Polish territory, prices rose also on the German stock exchange “Gasul” and the Austrian “Baumgarten”.

the Agreement on gas transit to Europe through Poland via the pipeline Yamal – Europe was signed in 1996 for a term until 2022, with a possible further extension. However, in November 2019 Poland announced that the Yamal contract with Gazprom will be terminated.