In the Eastern part of Switzerland, a serial offender drives obviously on the loose. Because different Raids on banks and gas stations unique fashionable Parallels: The robber wearing on his raids, each with the same hoodie. You have the case in mind, it is called also by the police.

early Saturday morning, the Hoodie to beat raiders, two Times – at first without success. Shortly before seven o’clock in the morning he stormed in with a gun a gas station in Arbon, TG, and demanded cash. Only: Due to a technical problem, the funds were not to be open. The robber fled on foot without the loot.

Two Raids within a few minutes

Only minutes later, a gray hooded sweater (brand: Under Armour) is again on the surveillance video of a gas station, this time in Wittenbach SG. And this Time with success. After he has the staff with his gun or threatened escape of the robbers with the loot in an unknown amount.

Also available in Sirnach TG of the brazen Hoodie Gangster to beat appear to be the same two Times: In March 2019 he attacked in the afternoon, the Thurgauer Kantonalbank. Again, the thief is wearing the grey hoodie, the face is masked with a scarf, he threatened employees with a gun. The only difference: The spoils he grabs the bag of a detail merchant. In the case of the recent Raids, a backpack was used.

In November 2018, the Thurgauer Kantonalbank was attacked in Sirnach ever. The surveillance images look the same as the other Raids: Again, the robber wearing a hooded sweater again, he carries the shopping bag of a detail merchant.

police are investigating Serientat

And: Already in the autumn of 2017, a similar robber in manhunt appeared to be calling the police. This time he attacked the Acrevis Bank in Wittenbach. Here, too, the robbers on the crosses in exactly the same presentation and carries a Lidl bag to store the loot.

In the case of the police of the Kanton of Thurgau, you don’t want to tell, whether it is a series. “We check if the current crime, whether that is a reference to previous actions taken”, it means only. In St. Gallen it is called by the investigators, the Similarities are striking – just not really sure it could be, if the offender is sitting behind bars.