Energy prices in Germany are rising and rising. Some providers try to exploit this in a targeted manner. “This is clearly a rip-off,” says an expert from the consumer center. “People’s desperation is enormous.”

Gas and electricity prices in Germany are exploding. This is becoming a burden for more and more people. Hasibe Dündar from the Berlin consumer center sees it too. The energy consultant says to “t-online”: “The desperation of the people who come to us is really enormous.” Many have existential fears because the advance bills have increased four to eightfold. “People are angry, irritable, feel left alone,” says Dündar.

For many people, price increases or contract terminations would flutter in at the moment. When prices rise, it is often worth taking a closer look. “More than every second price increase is not legal,” says Dündar. Many providers would hide the increase in a long letter. But a price increase must always be presented clearly.

Dündar points out that special attention must be paid to “black sheep” in the energy market. “They use all means to trick,” says the energy consultant. “They charge 80 cents per kilowatt hour – the average for new contracts is currently around half that. This is clearly a rip off.”

These providers would “exploit the current situation in a targeted manner,” Dündar told “t-online.” The consumer center recently sued successfully against such a company. As a result, Primaholding had to withdraw the price increases of December 2021.