– It is totally amazing. It is surreal to get on the elitelaget out of nowhere, ” says Lægreid to NRK.

on Monday, he was the new face on the men’s side when Norges Skiskytterforbund presented landslagene for the next season.

There was no one who could anticipate for just a couple of months ago. But the turnaround started even earlier.

Grabbed the chance after chance

Lægreid was namely set far back of the kyssesyken after having taken two silver in the junior world cup in 2018. After many months of treningsnekt and opptrening, began the arrow to point up first this season.

Strong results in the norgescupen led him to to ibu cup (second highest level) in the middle of February.

After including the win on fellesstarten he got the chance in the european CHAMPIONSHIP, where he came up with both silver and 5.-space.

EM-CHEERS: Sturla Holm Lægreid won the silver medal on the sprint.

Photo: Viktor Storsveen

the Season’s very last round in to ibu-cup was reserved for the runners in the top ten, but then Erlend Bjøntegaard have to report due to the sprintrennet in Nove Mesto due to illness, got Lægreid a completely unexpected chance.

the 23-year-old planned to go norgescuprenn, but debuted instead in the world cup with an impressive 13.-place (sprint) and 15.-place (mass start).

Then, during the subsequent verdenscupavlsutningen in Kontiolahti, snogging Lærgreid with both the 10.- and 11.-place on the sprint and pursuit.

answer Key at the location in the world cup: 59 hits in 60 shots.

– I can not remember to have seen that from a newcomer, ” says the coach Siegfried Mazet to NRK.

– He has taken step by step. When you are a bit naive, you can get the first good result. But when it happens several times in a row, he shows that he has potential. Therefore, we decided to give him the chance, ” says Mazet about the withdrawal.

IMPRESSED: Coach Siegfried Mazet.

Photo: Lise Åserud Got 23 sixes – a ceased to think

Mazet tells that he noticed Lægreid on a training camp a few seasons ago. The frenchman was impressed by the way he trained on the location.

It is also on the site the turnaround happened, according to Lægreid even.

Where he previously thought “too much”, concentrates he is now about to be present and make it easy.

Skiskytteren went out from toppidrettsgymnaset WANG with a grade of 6 in all subjects except English.

He has, in other words had the easy to think.

– It has been the root of the problem. I have worked a lot with adjustments, but I had to take the grip and put the bar across the shooting position. I tried to focus on what really matters – what you do on your site. Be present and concentrate on the ventilation and blink, says Lægreid.

the 23-year-old first tried to combine the betting at biathlon with nanotechnology-studies, but it did not do.

today he studies the 50 per cent and has changed nanotechnology at NTNU renewable energy at Gjøvik.

But after hjemmeksamener it’s a new life that is waiting – along with the country’s best skiskyttere.

– It says little about the sport. It is a short distance from the to be there to perform, ” says Lægreid.