Garik Sukachev suing the production company of "New stage", – says the Telegram channel Mash.

The producers are already two years did not pay the musician more than 6 million roubles of the fee for performances in November 2018. 11, the number of songs played at the party, the 18th with a group gave a concert in Murmansk. Did not see the money.

As noted by TG-channel from the “New stage” has not only damaged it – for example, Viktor Korolev, performer of chanson, did not get them 780 thousand rubles.

Garik Sukachev and his team appealed to the court of Arbitration, and had already won 6 million 160 thousand roubles of the penalty with the “New scene”.

However, his opponents filed a complaint. The trial continues.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the musician Garik Sukachev in the epidemic of the coronavirus quail his hit about a grandma who smokes a pipe, and urged fans frequently wash their hands.