Online performances from March 17, is no surprise. And now Russia will have a show, which we have not before existed, – the festival Drive Live. For the new and unusual open-air already chosen venue – Park “Yakhroma” in the Moscow region. And date on 4 and 5 July. To come to a new festival we need cars that will provide the desired social distance.

the organizers of the Live Drive spoke about its creation and the main principles:

– it is evident that festivals and open-air in the usual form of this summer is impossible, and online concerts do not allow you to feel the atmosphere of the full speech, and to be fed… and so came our festival, which will not be broken social distance, the mood can’t be spoiled by bad weather, which will allow to get maximum pleasure from the performances of your favorite artists live. This is the best and only solution for lovers of this concert energy, starved for three months in isolation.

On the big road landfill Park “Yakhroma” will be built a big festival screens. To watch the festival from the Windows of cars. For those who prefer to listen, plan and FM broadcast.

on the first day of the festival with a large program will perform Garik Sukachev. The next day, July 5 – Grigory Leps.

the Promised exclusive programs, including new songs from these artists.


ticket Price – from 10 000 to 200 000. The cost depends on how close to the stage will be located. The prestige of this concert event, significant as it is the first festival. Whether you have a Live Drive continued in the following weekend, the organizers have not yet reported.