the First experience of vertical gardening in the city there were ten years ago, then there was a long pause. Today, the view of the public space has changed, landscape designers come to objects are not at the finish, and in 2-3 years to.

Around still under construction LCD “Makarov” and deep – peace and quiet. Emerald lawns, artificial hills, lush meadow grasses. One yard in the style of cubism, in the other forms already rounded, the concept is “forest and field”, that is, the vegetation is represented as lower and upper.

– Monoposte perennial trees – a new world trend. They are fine winter, bloom in turn from early spring until late fall, undemanding in care: if passers-by something and thrown on a bed, the mud is not visible – it turns into mulch. In addition, among the plants of one species no competition for nutrients, live in a commune, – says Yuliya Sorokina, Director of the Green Park.

to transform a concrete slab into a green garden is to lay drainage, pour pie land and plant the plants will take about two months. Two yards on 80 acres, each served by four of the gardener and agriculturist.

On a bench basking in the sun Valentina, she came to the son-in guests.

– is it a roof? – she is surprised by our question. – Well, I like our old houses can not be compared.

– people don’t realize that they are on the third floor. Think they are on the ground – smiling Julia Sorokina.

Only one lime requires 14 cubic meters of earth, on this basis, the calculated load on the roof. But apart from lime trees there grows a rare lilacs Meyer, a cone-shaped mountain ash, pink cherry tree, the dwarf willow, Apple tree. Special colour gives the yard the maple ginnala fall he will literally burn with fire. White spirea interspersed with geraniums, hydrangeas, barberry, sage, Jasmine, grain. Even the unusual birch – laciniata with carved leaves. Plants are chosen so that do not provoke allergies, but rather to highlight nutrients.

If Makarovskiy landscaping project developed by Russian designers, for LCD “Forum city”, invited the expert from Poland Miroslav Thing. Looks cozy European patio where a lot of raw natural materials.

-In such projects, there are nuances: the horizon crowns, each tree is selected individually specific and not very cheap technology. The long – gestating decision, agreement. We have long dealt with the drainage system, but to exploit it was easy. Pine with a height of 3-11 meters and a weight of 5-6 tons manually to raise and not to put, you need a crane, and we only in the first stage 99 of these trees. The range of plants proposed by the Europeans, had to be revised – not all of them re��or would the Ural winter, – shares his experience of the construction Manager Sergei PowerNow.

the Garden is on the roof not only Parking, but also residential buildings. You can sunbathe on the sun loungers, read a book in the gazebo, to poreklamirovat. I can’t believe the noise-revs the heart of the metropolis.

to be Honest, until recently I was absolutely sure that landscaping in the Urals is possible only in the format of cottage settlement or “winter garden”: the climate is tough, the streets are easier to decorate conifer in winter and summer in one color. It turns out that flowering plants are quite viable, and the rain and the wind they need nothing less than heat and sun.

According to experts, in big Russian cities and gardens on the roof should be as large as possible, because they are able to absorb heat but not to vaporize him, like asphalt and concrete. In addition, the tall skyscrapers put pressure on the psyche, and in recreations where people proportionate to the plants, this feeling disappears.

While similar projects implemented in the housing of a class “comfort” and “business”, but whether they are possible in the “economy”? According to Yulia Sorokina – Yes. The problem is that in such complexes, the designers did not initially lay a large planting hole, while progress in the direction of cheap landscaping of new buildings there.

Eugene Mordovina, head of development projects of the company “UMMC-Builder”, a different position: if the house does not belong to the class “business” and “elites”, the “green roof” will result in savings in other construction settings, infrastructure. And that could affect sales.

– the Creation of recreational areas – definitely a new growth point for regional developers. Despite the fact that it increases the costs of construction, consumers, especially those with a certain level of income, it is not enough only to buy an apartment. They need space as a whole, a life of comfort, good environment, close to nature, says Mordovin.

According to Yulia Sorokina, in Ekaterinburg, all Parking lots and shopping centers, it is theoretically possible to clean under the earth, and the top to divide the gardens.

Nature can without us and we without – no. Thanks to developers who care, the people breathe, how they relax and what kind of environment children grow up, she notes.

Active dissemination of vertical gardening in the regions is hampered by a lack of planting material even when a large number of nurseries in Russia. The second problem is the lack of comprehensive educational programs for landscape designers. In Yekaterinburg, for example, they are trained in three universities: forestry, architecture and agriculture. The first graduates are well versed in plants, but did not know the design programs of architecture and the opposite. You have to achieve a “symbiosis” in practice.