“in Principle, herbs that are inside need, the Same as outside. This means: light, water and nutrients,” explains Othmar Ziswiler, in conversation with a VIEW. He is the head of the Department of trade and final consumption at the Jardin Suisse. The conditions in the house or in the apartment be just in the Winter due to the dry hot air for the plant comparable with a extremely location. “It is often easier to dry herbs through the summer, as they keep the Winter in pots.” However, with a little Knowledge and care, a lot is possible.

One thing is virtually all of the herbs are the same: You have to be careful when casting. “It is very important that the plant will never stand in the water and only then re-cast, if the substrate is slightly dry. The substrate should never be dried completely,” says Ziswiler.

herbs on the outside

“Also planted lots of herbs survive the Swiss Winter,” says Ziswiler. “Rosemary, lavender, Oregano, sage and thyme are perennial, and winter-green herbs.” This means that you can also be the Winter left outside. In order to protect you from the cold temperatures, you can pack the pots with a protection fleece.

“If the herbs are taken to safety in a building, it is important to put them in a cool and bright place. Then you can be over the Winter easily harvested.” Since the increase is small, however, recommends Ziswiler, to harvest only so much that plenty of green leaves remain on the herbs.

When the planted Mediterranean herbs like lavender, thyme, rosemary, sage and Oregano, it is important to place them in the garden to the correct location. “You need a more protected location with a good drainage,” says Ziswiler. In the case of lavender and thyme, it had to be according to the expert, in addition, Eight: “In the pot, these species overwinter well. Very low temperatures they should be protected.” Often it is quite sufficient to take you close to the house on the Wind and of the midday sun facing away from the side.

herbs indoors

“chives, mint and lemon balm can be taken before the first Frost inside, and as long as harvested, until you get tired,” says Ziwsiler. In a warm room that’s going to happen faster than in a cool. The herbs should be placed on each case in a bright location. As soon as they are harvested, could make you go back outside.

Basil feels in the warmth of the living room most comfortable: “Because Basil is a “Grförli”, he must already at temperatures of from eight to ten degrees in the house.” The Problem is mostly but not to the heat but the light. “Because if the Plant has too little light, no longer formed the flavors of the herbs enough and you can make long soft shoots. Since it is often better to get new plants from a nursery.” It is important to pay attention to Swiss production.