earlier in the Tatarstan AIC for individual items were taken migrants or students, this season no such need. Due to the decline in economic activity caused by the pandemic in a number of industries have stimulated many of the population – that stretched for seasonal work in the village, told “RG” in the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic. Now the whole of Tatarstan enterprises of the agroindustrial complex requires about 400 experts.

Agricultural enterprises are ready to take on the work for a period of from 1 to 6 months not only agronomists and tractor drivers, but also cooks, welders, economists, mechanics, engineers. The most popular are the machine operators and laborers. It’s better to get a collector of strawberries, in season, there is promise up to 40 thousand rubles a month.

Vacancies in agriculture this year, indeed less than usual. So, in the database HeadHunter for spring appeared only 8 thousand of ads about finding seasonal workers for agriculture. The experience of last year over the summer period was 25 thousand vacancies. The average salary you can expect is about 30 thousand rubles a month.

“According to the database “Job in Russia”, now the employers offer about 40 thousand vacancies in the field of agriculture – said the press service of Rostrud. Russian agricultural enterprises require tractor drivers, agronomists, livestock specialists, veterinarians, foremen, machine operators, other workers”. At the same time and are willing to pay adequately. Agronomist – to 130 thousand rubles per month, zootechnician and tractor – to 80 thousand, machine operators and veterinarians can count on an income in the range of 50-70 thousand rubles. Good prospects for nutritionist (specialist diet for cattle) – promised a salary of 100 thousand rubles. However, such specific knowledge and skills – the lot of very few citizens.

the Shortage is felt in the unskilled labour force. For example, in the production of berries and vegetables require a lot of manual labor, says the chief of staff of the Potato Union, Tatyana Gubina. Previously, such operations were used by inhabitants of the neighboring republics. Before the sowing they had to return to work in Russia. But the introduction of isolation and closures are not allowed to do it. Russian growers were able on their own to cope with the sowing, but there is housekeeping, where workers need much more.

According to the Ministry of agriculture, the additional demand of agriculture in the labour force in the season is about 23 thousand people. To close the resulting deficit, the Department plans to involve the cleaning of vegetables, melons and fruit crops 11 thousand students of agricultural universities. In addition, the issue of the involvement of labor in agricultural sector of individual prisoners. Also the Ministry of agriculture promised “to encourage the employment of agricultural enterprises R��workers released in other sectors of the economy”.

But now there was another problem: farmers are afraid to allow their farms to city dwellers because of the risk of Contracting COVID-19. So, already suspended external recruitment of personnel for security TK “agro-invest” (enters in GK “My Summer”). According to the administering TC Irina Meshkova, now in the state continue to work as the locals, and attracted with the help of outsourcing companies personnel. Although the problem of the lack of seasonal personnel is not removed. “We don’t know when to harvest. To remedy this situation we use internal reserves: increase the amount of working time to 11 hours a day for their employees, has introduced a seven day working week”, – said Meshkov.