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When one must be home from work and school it can be a nice opportunity to sit down with a good game.

Spillekspert Rune Fjeld Olsen from the Level Up has the following recommendations.

– If you must stay at home and are fresh enough for it, is it enough to make that say no to a solid dose of unexpected gaming, believes Olsen.

PACKAGE TO YOU: In the packages to the isolated people in a apocalyptic world in the Death Stranding.

– This can be a good opportunity to really dive down into the large, long and deep single-player experiences like The Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Death Stranding, he recommends.

What kind of game is this:

Witcher 3 is a role-playing game from Polish CD Project Red released in 2015, and is based on the fantasybokserien of the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. You play a monsterjeger and explore a big and beautiful fantasyverden based on the slavic visual culture and mythology.

FABULOUS: Kill creatures in a fantasyverden based on slavic mythology in the Witcher 3.

A Netflix series based on the same books as the game was recently a huge hit, and has done that the game now has gotten a new spring. According to The NPD Group, a markedsanalysegruppe, increased the sales of the four-year-old game with over 500 per cent after the TV series came out.

Death Stranding is a meditative game experience about life after the apocalypse.

Graphics: Kojima Productions

Death Stranding is a game developed by the famous japanese game developer Hideo Kojima, famous for standing behind the popular and critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid series. Handingen in Death Stranding takes place in an apocalyptic world where the few people who is left has isolated itself, and your task as the player is to deliver the packages to them. Maybe a extra appropriate games to play during these times.

FREEDOM: IN Red Dead Redemption 2, you can explore the wild west and live cowboydrømmen.

Photo: Rockstar Games

Red Dead Redemption 2 unfold in the wild west and is made by the same folks who are behind the GTA series. The game gives you plenty of freedom and a huge and realistic world where you can live out cowboydrømmen.

Rune Fjeld Olsen also has some specific recommendations for older PC players.

– For them, it is worth to mention that both Halo: Combat Evolved and Half-Life-remake Black Mesa now has arrived on Steam. Maybe it is time for a reunion?

If you like action-packed games online Rune some suggestions for you also.

SOCIAL: Compete with your friends in an apocalyptic Washington DC in The Division 2.

Photo: Ubisoft

– You can enjoy relaxed grinding online in The Division 2 or Destiny 2. A battle royale mode to Call of Duty called “Warzone” is also just released to the PS4, XBONE and PC. “Warzone” is in addition completely free.

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a Journalist in the NRK and the game-love the Martin ” (in Norwegian) has also a couple of tips for some games he believes can fit if you have a good time at home.

– FIFA 20, online section Ultimate Team is all-consuming and time-consuming. Perfect for the quarantine. In addition fotballmanager simulators such as Football Manager, if applicable, the old version of Championship Manager (CM). The best CM version, from the 2001/2002 season, is openly available on the net, free, tells ” (in Norwegian).

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