according to NBC News, these “hangouts” are held in the local town of Tuscaloosa. The organizers specifically invite them with the coronavirus that infected for sure. Anyone wishing to participate rents as the price for a ticket some money, which later develops a “Bank”. Wins in this crazy game and takes the entire jackpot is the one who first reported about the positive analysis COVID-19.

“at First we thought it was a rumor. We’ve done some research, and not only doctors, but the government confirmed that they had received the same information – told Sonia Mckinstry, a member of the city Council of Tuscaloosa. – I was terribly angry that something so serious and deadly the people are so calm. It’s not just irresponsible… Nemogli would bring the virus home to their parents or grandparents”.

According to the latest portal Worldometers, Alabama since the beginning of the pandemic recorded 40 111 cases COVID-19, 985 of which led to death. Last week in the state during the day, has recorded more than thousand cases, which was a record for the Alabama average. And a particularly strong rise was noticeable in particular in Tuscaloosa. “We’re doing everything possible to slow the spread (of the virus. – Approx. “RG”), and in the meantime they arrange fucking party, trying on the contrary to distribute it,” complained Mckinstry.

According to her, many locals refer to the news of such parties with equal scepticism as the government. Therefore, the administration Tuscaloosa intends to do everything necessary so that more people know about such events. The authorities will disperse these parties and will continue its policy of containment.

this week, the city Council has adopted a resolution on compulsory wearing of masks in public places for children and adults. It shall come into force on Monday. •

the skyrocketing number of cases COVID-19 and in Israel, where local authorities had to return to the policy limits. According to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the daily number of recorded cases of coronavirus in the country exceeded one thousand – which is a record since the beginning of the pandemic. The decision of the authorities, now in bars, clubs, synagogues and halls for celebrations can gather no more than 50 people, in other enclosed spaces – not more than 20.

the Social network Twitter will prohibit employees to use business communication and program codes, such computer terms as “master”, “slave”, “black list” (eng. master, slave, blacklist), so as not to offend them any group of the population. Replace these words with others that are more “inclusive”: for example, the basic version of the code will be no “sir”, and “Lider” (leader), version-replica – not “slaves”, and “followers” (follower). There will be no “white list”, which will come “allowed” (allowlist), and the term “black” replaced by “exemption” (denylist).

according to experts, such changes will cost the company millions of dollars and time for their implementation will take a lot – a few months at least.