In the spring of 2017 appeared in the Nintendo switched and started to work fully. The Mix of home and mobile console for the Fans.

The initial skepticism, there are too few games for the new console, has been placed for a long time. Because in addition to the large Studios, small developers have already closed the console, to the heart, and reliably deliver exciting secret tips.

Well, to “switch” to get? Here are the games-favorites of the IMAGE editors* come up.

“Pokémon sword & shield”

The last Pokémon game of the “big” main series “Pokémon sun and moon”, appeared to 2017 on the Nintendo 3DS. With “Pokémon, sword & shield,” the series now have a worthy sequel on Nintendo’s current console, Switch. It is, to drag initially with only one Pokémon in the Luggage through the lands of the Region, “Galar”, always to find new Pokémon and fight other trainers and their Pokémon Teams.

In Pokémon sword & shield, the pants grow bags-Monster