The developers of Eve Online launched project “discovery”, to help you understand the impact of coronavirus on the human immune system. The scientific analysis is based on the interaction of gamers with the game, says on the project website.

In the process of scientific investigation used power players. To take part in the fight against COVID-19, users need to log into the game, to be trained and to join the project via the menu system “neokom”. After that gamers will “meet” the Professor of immunology fictional research organization Calsci University Andrea Cossarizza (Andrea Cossarizza).

According to the developers, to help scientists defeat the pandemic, users do not need special knowledge. Processing of information and data collection happens automatically during the gameplay. Involved in the project, the researchers emphasized that the players just solve a local mini-tasks, then a special algorithm assembles the data together.

“the Results of your work will help scientists better understand how the new coronavirus affects our immune system,” — said in the message to users of Eve Online.

For participation in the project, players can obtain special virtual prizes, such as the paint “Services biological safety” and facial modification.

The project “discovery” exists in 2015, the game Eve Online was released in may 2003, the Icelandic firm CCP Games. The third phase of the project started on 15 June. Before starting “discovery” was held the campaign to raise funds to fight COVID-19, which was donated 135 thousand dollars.