games, The adventure game Ori-and-the-Will-of-the-Wisps. is a hetvervolg the furious < / i> Ori and the Blind Forest from the end of 2015. The game, which as of today is only available on Xbox One, Windows 10, and with Steam, it is, in every respect, a perfect sequel.

from A man who had almost forgotten, and now the consolegeneratie in the corner, but there is also the great and not so great titles. And somewhere in between great and less great, in float Times-and-the-Will-of-the-Wisps. The game picks up where the first part left off, both in terms of the story as the gameplay.

Without giving anything of the plot to want to spoilen, all that the Blind Forest to play, however, to believe that this means that there is once again firmly on the emotions of being hacked. It is a feather in the cap of the makers, Moon Studios, how to use it, with very sparse dialogue between the cute, drawn fabeldiertjes manage to be genuinely moving scenes, the screen is stunning.