in games, There was a heavy burden on the shoulders of the creators of ‘Doom Eternal’: it is the sequel to ‘Doom’ (by 2016), and the successful remake of the legendary firstpersonshooter (1993). And now they have to prove that after a long the past, there was also a future about the traditional videospellenreeks. But, in fact, it’s the other way around: ‘Doom Eternal’ is to see that the world is ready for yet more ‘Doom’.

From the moment of the first heavy forces of the demons in your mind get in the ‘Doom Eternal’, but your covers are very good that you will be in a ‘Doom’game is. It is, first of all, in the appearance of one of the demonic opponents that make you trip up. The zombified human soldiers, and the ape-like Imps, and the flying meatball-like Cacodemons, the most iconic of Pinky (of a deformed pig with a vicious big teeth): once the nights have continued to use the original Doom to play it, it will be bad now best known in the sequel to the successful ‘Doom metal’-is a modern remake of 2016. They are as modernized and have, of course, much more detailed than 27 years ago, but it is their home, their Gestalt, is more than a quarter of a century has been the same.