ahead of its time, at least three months. Because Emilia Clarke’s new movie, “Last Christmas” plays, as the title suggests, Christmas, comes, however, already in November in the cinemas. The 32-Year-old takes on the role of a woman, works as a Christmas angel in disguise, in a Department store – and a colleague in love. The time of year the contrast could not have been more, as we met for the Interview at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles (USA), – at high summer 34 degrees.

In the Film, they sing George Michael’s “Last Christmas “. And the really good. The Talent we’ve never seen before is up to you.
Emilia Clarke:
That’s sweet. I’m a huge fan of “Last Christmas”. My father is a sound engineer, and music since early Childhood, an important part of my life. I had singing lessons and have sung in school in Big Bands and in jazz bands.

you Wanted to be originally a singer?
I was torn between music and acting career. The spectacle has won at the end. Now I’m even more happier that I can also sing on the canvas.

Since in the movie all about romance, is the question: What do you find romantic?
The little things that a Partner for you. The Details he has on a white. How to drink his tea, for example. Big public declarations of love scare me more. For me, this is all for Show. I want someone that knows what I like. I want to Wake up in the morning, while he brings me my favorite tea in bed.

glory data an obstacle?
fame and Dating are a bad combination. Because of the other imagines, to know so many things about you. You’ll just be looked at from the outset, very funny – as you would wear a hat that says “I’m stupid” (laughs).

Would not be Online Dating a good Alternative?
As a Tinder came in, I have been looking forward to this and wanted to try it actually. But then I didn’t think that you can do. As interesting as it seems to be, in the end you will be recognized, and I would be sure to laugh only got strange types who write to me, still stranger things ().

your movie heroine meet the love of your life by coincidence. Had the fate of life in your relationship, his Hand is already in the game?
I think every one of my relationships had elements of it. Especially my first love, where it is still so beautifully young and too naive to know any better (laughs).

How old were you when you fell in love for the first Time?
So the very first love wasn’t particularly great. But the first real relationship of my life, which was almost like in the movie. It was the right Timing, fate has brought us at the same time on the same path.

Especially in your profession you have to help the fate of sometimes. Ma rgot R obbie wrote Quentin Tarantino a letter and he gave her the role in “ Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. Have you done this time?
I’ve also written a Director. With the result that I was not in the movie (laughs). I will not tell you which Director it was, but I had heard of his new project and really wanted to be there. Tough luck. But I basically think that it helps if you expressed special interest.

The final “ Ga me of Thrones” is now almost a year and a half. You will be assailed still on the road?
I’m trying to lead a normal life, but people talk to me constantly and want Selfies with me. However, it is not as bad as the beginning of the year. Since this was really funny!

hair Amazing that they will ever be recognized with your short brown.
This is my natural hair color. As dragon mother Daenerys I have worn a blonde wig. This has made my long hair including the time quite broken. That’s why I let you me to the end of the series cut short. Are you already growing something, and I like you very much.

Even if it takes some more time: Are you a Fan of Christmas?
And whether or not I’ve always. My parents have always worked abroad, my brother and I were in boarding school. Christmas was the only time where we all come together. Wonderful Memories.

do you Have any special traditions at home?
Yes. We pack our gifts on Christmas eve and place them under the tree. Then we watch a Christmas movie, usually it’s “love Actually.” On the first day of Christmas, my brother and I then climb with the dog to our parents to bed. That’s what we do today, although we are already in the Thirties. Then we have Breakfast and unwrap our gifts. We are up in the afternoon, usually still in my pajamas. When I think now, I can hardly wait!

bio box Emilia Clarke

Emilia Isabelle Euphemia Rose Clarke was born on 23. October 1986, was born in London and came to their father, who was a sound engineer at a theatre and Showbiz. Her acting training from the Chateau Clarke 2009 at the prestigious Drama Centre London. The big breakthrough she was able to first appearances in Sitcoms and commercials with the role of Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO fantasy series “Game of Thrones”, which ran from 2011 to 2019, the world’s most successful. After a few months of the relationship Clarke separated at the beginning of the year from Director Charlie McDowell (36). Since then, she’s Single.