Until a few months ago were David Benioff (48) and D. B. Weiss (48) of the most respected script writers in Hollywood. With the Fantasy series “Game of Thrones” landed the two filmmakers, the TV hit of the decade, Fans and critics loved the mix of monsters, intrigue, and Sex. But if you Google for the time being “Bad Writers” (English: “Bad authors”) to appear at the numerous pictures of the two TV writers on the search platform.

As with last season it will have forfeited the two “Game of Thrones”-creators with the Fans of the series. The nasty Google result is now an act of revenge for the Fantasy lovers. The members of a Fan page of the series on Reddit were angry so they started a so-called “Google Bomb”. A User wrote a picture-Post with the two authors, which he titled “Bad Writers”. Subsequently, the other User chose the post on the front page of the Internet site, where he watched thousands of times and has been shared.

Almost exclusively pictures of Benioff and Weiss

Particularly nasty: The Plan worked even better than I thought. Because in the meantime, numerous media have the Google-history – and brought with Benioff and Weiss so even more in connection with the words “Bad Writers”. This is not just a picture, but almost exclusively photos of the two authors appears according to the search request.

It is the latest Internet attack directed against the successful Duo. 1.6 million Users through an Online Petition called about the last “Game of Thrones”-season will again be rotated without Benioff and Weiss. (klm)