such A life you would have never imagined. 14 Sophie Turner (23) was rather randomly selected for a supporting role in “Game of Thrones”. Nine years later, she has not made the role of Sansa Stark is not only famous, she was fishing with her fiancé, Joe Jonas (29) one of the largest woman swarms of Hollywood.

Sophie Turner more Often … Honestly, there are moments in which I get to do it with a little bit of fear. I believe in a cosmic Balance in life. And if you big to happen-like things, then, inevitably at some point to compensate for something Bad. But at the Moment, I’m incredibly happy.

it was pretty crazy. The producers came to some of the London schools, to find among the pupils a Sansa and an Arya. I’ve participated in for Fun and the Audition not really taken seriously. But suddenly my mother got four days later, a phone call. That I should come to London to screen test. She did not know at all what it’s about (laughs).

for me It was like a magical place. I can hardly remember anything. It was to my mind a little too much.

… which is totally weird. I don’t feel at all as if I were something Special. I’m trying to focus on it, to be with myself happy. So it remains on the carpet, and at the same time a thick skin.

success has made me suspicious. I don’t trust people so easily because I’ve been disappointed a few times hard. If embarrassing pictures of private parties came suddenly to the Public.

I could have somewhat of a recluse in my house to hide, but I don’t want to. I’m just only things with a small group of very close friends I can fully rely on.

Incredible! She came into the throne room. We have offered her to sit on the Iron throne, but “No, thank you” (mimicking the voice of the Queen). As the Queen is not allowed to sit on the throne of another Kingdom, even if it is not real. I think I will only realize later in life what an important experience it was.

I have not yet processed, really, that the series is coming to an end. I don’t think so, if I must, then, this summer, for the first Time to the filming location, I was attacked, the reality and the grief.

That’s right. It is great that I have the opportunity to have more time with the Person I love more than anything, to spend. It is so nice to live with Joe.

A giant! He has organized with his friends used to always “GoT”parties, and special Drinks for each sequence created. And he was, of course, also often on the Set with me. However, he had a silent contract to sign, so he says nothing (laughs).

Well, I like some of his Songs, but I listened to the Jonas Brothers earlier never really. I hope not, he is going to kill me now that I said that (laughs).

Sophie Turner came in 1996 in England, to the world, during their time at school, she took acting lessons. In its first role, she was known as Sansa Stark in the HBO fantasy series “Game of Thrones”. By the way, she was also in blockbusters such as “Secret Agency” and “X -: Apocalypse”. Since 2016, she is in a relationship with the American singer Joe Jonas (29). 15. October 2017, the two announced their engagement.