Kit Harington (32) has been brought because of Stress, exhaustion and alcohol problems in a rehabilitation clinic. The “Game of Thrones”Star checked according to the “New York Post” already weeks ago in a luxurious establishment in the U.S. state of Connecticut.

According to the “Daily Mail” will be treated to the “Jon Snow”-actor in the establishment of Privé-Swiss, a Swiss clinic in the United States. The treatment cost around 140’000 dollars per month: patients to learn in the institution, with Stress and negative emotions.

patients will have your Private chef

To luxury, there are the actors in the clinic. On the contrary, such As “Radar Online” reported, will Harington cared for around the clock. “The rehab in a sleepy, small town by the sea, and all patients your Private chef to come and cook for you daily everything you want to have is,” explains an Insider to the US Portal. The treatment is not success according to a standard structure. “They use a combination of psychotherapy, Life Coaches, Fitness trainers, therapists and other experts.”

Vitamin injections, massages, visits to the infrared Sauna

‘ll be the actor in your own luxury apartment with a view of the sea is to. The private chef treats Harington culinary. The Brit gets in addition to acupuncture, go to the Meditation and do Yoga. For the physical Well-being of Vitamin ensure, in addition, injections, massages, visits to the infrared Sauna, and nutrition counseling.

Harington will be individually cared for and gets a alcohol and drug counselling. The clinic also provides desensitization by eye movements, a trauma to be processed at the end of the psychotherapy method. Kit Harington drops the blanket on the head, he is allowed to leave the clinic at any time: He’ll put a car at your disposal, with which he can move freely. The most Harington is likely to help now, but the love of his wife, Rose Leslie (32): The “Game of Thrones”actress have supported the decision of her husband to seek help in a clinic, full. (kad)