SPOILER WARNING – if you haven’t seen the latest season of “Game of Thrones”, read more here.

For many “Game of Thrones”Fans it was a shock, as in the major semi-final Fan favorite Daenerys (Emilia Clarke, 32) at once her true face showed. With her dragons she became a merciless killer and slaughters the Golden company of Queen Cersei (Lena Headey, 45) – and, although this was already in place. And not only that. The mad Dany is a bloodbath. With your dragons you kill thousands of innocent residents of King’s landing and lay the town in ashes (literally).

in This case, Dany was one of “” one of the most popular characters in the TV program and as a bearer of hope. A part of their numerous titles is “protector of the realm, mother of dragons, Breaker of chains, or Khaleesi.”

Four Swiss women hot Daenerys

And some of the Swiss parents were inspired of – and named their offspring after the “mother of dragons”. The Federal office for statistics confirmed the VIEW that in Switzerland there are four Daenerys. Khaleesi is also represented four Times.

After the penultimate episode of the eighth season and the wild Daenerys Twitter Users suspect that some parents regret the name choice of their children. Finally, Daenerys is now the “Mad Queen”, so the “Mad Queen”.

“good luck to all of the parents who named their daughters Khaleesi,” writes a User.

“that’s Why you should wait until the end of a series before you write your child Khaleesi call” another.

And another comment is: “Hmm … to call one’s own daughter Daenerys was probably not the best idea of many “Game of Thrones”Fans.”