President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach said that the summer Olympics in Tokyo will have to cancel if the tournament has already shifted the dates for the year because of the pandemic, the mers are not able to hold and summer 2021. Mr. Bach made clear that the IOC simply no choice, as another transfer of the Olympics, in addition to financial problems, discord in the international calendar of competitions which the Game will inevitably overlap. Note that previously, experts argued that the Olympics is unlikely to be possible if you do not appear the vaccine for coronavirus.IOC President Thomas Bach in an interview with BBC stated that it did not exclude the cancelled Tokyo Olympics. She was supposed to start in July this year, but because of the pandemic coronavirus was transferred in the summer of next year. “Frankly, I understand this position, because it is impossible to keep at work from 3 thousand to 5 thousand employees of the Committee. Or because you can not every year to review the calendar of worldwide tournaments for all participants. Or because you can not keep athletes in limbo,” said Thomas Bach.He also recalled that at the beginning of 2022 winter Olympics scheduled in Beijing, and it also makes it problematic for another postponement of the Tokyo Games, as it can have a negative impact on both projects. Note that the problem of “crossing” tournaments have complained even the organizers of the Games in 2024 in Paris. Executive Director of the Paris organizing Committee étienne Toba explained that the difficulty lies, for example, in the conflicts that arose with the use of Olympic symbols (the rights to it belong to the IOC and temporarily transferred to the organizing Committee) companies with the status of official partners of the Games. In “normal” circumstances, this use begins immediately after the previous Olympics. In the circumstances of the current period shall be reduced for the year, and this causes discontent partners.”We must be prepared for different scenarios. At the moment there is a clear intention to hold the Games in July next year”,— said the President of the IOC, and added that among the possible measures to ensure the safety of participants, considers the introduction of quarantine for athletes and other individuals involved in the event. Thus Thomas Bach wanted to avoid the Olympics without spectators and called all the talk about this “speculation”. However, he noted that when the time comes for the final decision, it will be formed after consultation with the world health organization (who) and the authorities of Japan. He also admitted that the Game is obviously something lose. “They are sure to be others. They should be different”,— stated the head of the IOC.We should add that in the endApril the head of the Association of medical doctors of Japan, Ashitaka Kokura said that to hold the Olympics in Tokyo in the summer of 2021 it will be very difficult, if not received the vaccine for coronavirus. “Without an effective vaccine to hold the Olympics will be difficult. But I’m not saying that it should not be undertaken at all. Therefore, we need to hasten the development of drugs and vaccines,” he said. Then in the organizing Committee of the Games declared that is ready to cancel the Olympic games, if the pandemic will not be defeated by the summer of 2021.Arnold Boar