Galkin spoke about a prenup with Pugacheva

Maxim Galkin responded to rumors that he entered into a marriage contract with Alla Pugacheva.

In the program “Today tonight” on channel one artist debunked the myth that before the wedding concluded with the singer a financial agreement. According to Galkin, Pugacheva with his budget was initially common. Maxim said that he began to pay their fees in the General “piggy Bank” even before we officially signed with Alla Borisovna. He remembered that the wedding was preceded by a 10-year-old novel, and at the moment his Alliance with Donna “passed the test of time”.

In response to Lolita said that marriage contracts is needed as a “health relationship”. And Olga Buzova remembered that she was insulted by the initiative of Dmitry Tarasov, who wished to contract. Her fears were not unfounded, because after the divorce the footballer took advantage of the agreement.