Against the Apple Watch Smartwatches for Android phones to have no Chance at the sales. Apple dominates the industry. But the uses for all users of an Android phone is nothing. Because the Apple Watch only works with an iPhone.

What is the best Alternative? There is a huge selection. Dozens of manufacturers build Smartwatchs: mobile farmers like LG watch manufacturers like Tag Heuer, to fashion companies such as Fossil. No one came to the Apple Watch, mainly because of the operating system.

Tinkering is a manufacturer of something on your Own, it usually has limited functionality, you have to live with. The Alternative Wear OS, the watch operating system from Google, which used to be called Android Wear. Despite significant improvements it has compared to the Apple Watch is still fudged. The iPhone, the watch is easy to integrate deeper into the System, and harmonizes perfectly with it.

Actually, it is only logical that Samsung, with its market power is trying to build a counter-world Apple. With the Gear watch and new Galaxy Watch, the world market leader for Smartphones, but not on Android, but on their own operating system Tizen OS 4.0. And has become the best Alternative to the Apple Watch.

The Galaxy Watch is a convenient, also because of the tools

In the Version with a 42 mm dial, there’s the smart watch from Samsung is already starting around 280 CHF in the trade. The larger variant with a 46 millimeters there is from almost 300 francs. For about 75 francs extra charge, there is the 4G, so that you can operate the watch with eSIM, regardless of the mobile phone.

if you want to find on the market just a few watch models with a SIM Slot. A digital SIM even next to the Galaxy Watch only the Apple Watch. Since it is so far very limited in the choice.

Although there’s also been Android watches for less than 200 Swiss francs, but the Galaxy Watch is still cheap. Especially compared to the Apple Watch: The Series 4 will cost at least 449 Swiss francs.

by the Way: the accessory is available for Samsung Users at a surprisingly good price. About the great dual charger for Qi phones and the clock for 69 Swiss francs. Also bracelets, you get cheap, since they all fit with a normal 22 mm clasp. Since it has a huge selection.

a Lot of Features, even for the iPhone

Although the Galaxy Watch has a separate operating system, there is a wide variety of Apps and Features. So you can pay with Samsung Pay wireless, has Apps for Spotify, News and for Fitness Tracking. The Smarthome can be controlled through the clock control, and you can measure his pulse regularly and monitor.

it is Important to browse a large selection of downloadable section. And there really encouraging many of the variants in the Store, a large lot at a price. The Online Store for Apps and Layouts seems to be somewhat chaotic, the Installation takes a long time, and not every App works so well, as you wish.

But: You get all the important features and options are constantly being expanded. In addition, it works not only on Samsung phones, but with all the other Android Smartphones. And, Yes, even with the iPhone the Galaxy you can Watch. Apps will not be played directly on the watch, however, synchronization about of health data is a iPhone directly.

Visually compelling and user-friendly

the Galaxy Watch is around, I of course like many watch-Fans. This is the Smartwatch for technical reasons, still very thick, which Samsung laminated but optically quite good.

Nice of the 1.3-inch Amoled Screen, thanks to a lot of brightness and a high contrast in the sun is easy to read. The good resolution and high sharpness, support the effect that the dials look like printed.

In the operation, the User has different options. There are two buttons, and, of course, the touch screen, and you can rotate the bezel, which often allows a quick selection, for example, if you have installed many Apps.

technology and battery are good, but not great

The watch is iP68 water resistant. So, you can swim, but not too deep diving. The Samsung’s own processor allows the operation without any lag. For Apps and music, it has 4 GB of memory available.

All pretty Standard. This is also true for the battery life. Three days are in everyday life. This is more than the Apple Watch, but still not outstanding, so you also have to lug around for an extended weekend in the mountains of the loading dock.

The Galaxy Watch is the best Alternative to the Apple Watch for all who have no iPhone, but still, a Smartwatch with many features. Thanks to the fair price and only a few weaknesses, the smart watch is a recommendation. She has passed the multi-week real-life test of a VIEW with flying colors.