it is one of the greatest of French cinema, for the Premiere of “Mon chien Stupide” showed Charlotte Gainsbourg (48) casual in dark Jeans and a blouse. “She has a natural beauty and incredible Talent. It needs only a single Take, the scene sits,” says Georges Kern (54). He joined yesterday, not as a Breitling in-chief, but as a film producer with his first work. Prior to the Premiere in Zurich cinema Corso Ringier CEO Marc Walder (54) invited into “The Studio” in the house, Ringier.

Only the dog Stupid was missing at the Premiere

Here is Charlotte Gainsbourg mixed with the more relaxed guests, you and your life partner, Yvan Attal (54) represent the crisis-stricken couple in the film adaptation of the cult novel by John Fantes (1909-1983) a writer, a dog tapers. Attal also wrote the screenplay for the Film and directed. To play as a Couple was not easy: “It was stressful, because I wanted to surprise and, of course, favor”, the performer modestly.

One of the most important cast member was missing, however, at the Premiere: The dog named Stupid. He was disobedient and a real character: “He’s gay and sexbessen,” says Gainsbourg. “For me, it was refreshing to make a politically incorrect Film.”