Gadoterate.Russia publishes letters of Pushkin, written in quarantine

“the crisis opens a window of opportunities”, – said in the world of motivational speakers. “Any quarantine may result in Boldino autumn,” they say in Russia, referring to Alexander, who from September 5 to December 9, 1830, was forced isolation because of the first in the history of Russia the outbreak of cholera.

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During this three-month “creative business” was finished “Eugene Onegin”, written by “Little tragedies”, “the tales of Belkin”, the poem “little House in Kolomna” and a few dozen lyrical poems. And in this time the poet wrote letters… Until we reached 18 of Pushkin’s letters, addressed primarily to the bride, 18-year-old Mlle. Goncharova:

“You ask how I live and prettier I? First, I let his beard; a mustache but beard – man praise; off the street, an uncle of the name. 2) Wake up at seven o’clock, drink coffee and lie up to three hours. Recently signed, and had already written the abyss. In three hours on horseback, five in the shower and then have lunch potatoes Yes grechnevoy porridge. To nine hours – read. Here’s my day, and all on one person”.

But also easily and naturally he wrote to his friends and colleagues:

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“About me Kohler morbus. You know, what is this beast? that and look, that will run it in Boldino all of us bite – that and look, that uncle Vasily go and you write my biography…” (From a letter to P. A. Pletnev).

At our disposal was something like “instagram”, where you can to recover, how he lived and what he did in his Pushkin Boldino autumn. Portal Gadoterate.Russia offers not to waste time in vain, being in quarantine, too, to write letters. And who knows, maybe the cancellation of all public events and “remote work” will turn your “Blizzards” or “Feast during the plague”.

And if yet a doubt remains in his own writing talent, we offer you to learn from genius. Watch online project “Boldino autumn: then and always” on the portal Gadoterate.Of the Russian Federation.