Yes, this woman can boast. You will meet other national Council candidates in a cafe or in the office, Gaby Gerber (47) more to offer: it proposes for the appointment of the impressive brewhouse of the feldschlösschen brewery in Rheinfelden, AG. Not without reason: Gerber, the first Swiss beer sommelier, and sits in the Executive Committee of Feldschlösschen.

Now it wants to for the FDP Aargau in the national Council. It won’t be easy – Gerber ranked only on the top of the list 8. The further back, the less chances of Election. Gerber white: Even if the FDP achieved its stated goal, and a fourth to win, it is not enough for you, maybe. “I’m not naive!” she says, laughing. Nevertheless, her candidacy had no Alibi. “You can’t say always, there is a need for more women. It must also be just and make it available.” And you do – after careful Consideration.

“typical of The national Council is a lawyer, male and older”

Well considering the step even wanted to be, because Gerber is not the only beer-Manager with an 80 – to 100-percent workload, but also the mother of two boys aged four and six years. Exactly but I have contributed to their candidacy. “The typical national Council is a lawyer, male and older. I believe that Even working mothers should be represented in Parliament.”

The Trend of voters to Express the inside and the voters for more women, comes to Gerber since. Also if you can start with the promotion of women is not much. “Discrimination,” she says, “for me it was never an issue – simply because it was me living a different pre -.” Living at home: The family business, a fruit wholesale distillery, led by the mother, who had never bothered to say between farmers and retailers. The by hit. “Bueb or Swiss – has played no role,” says Gerber. “Women in leadership positions, I never found strange.”

the green rate of the FDP

women will not fit on a semi-trailer also. At 19 she made the trucks testing – simply because the was needed in the family business. “The examination of an expert was completely shocked and said that we will have to go to my home – since I would know at least the way already.” This could be as discriminatory view, “but I had it handy,” she laughs. Has passed with flying colors.

The uninhibited handling of the issue of feminism is Gerber good. And also the second Mega-theme of the year you are playing in the hands. Because Gerber is the new green course of the FDP in their cantonal party is quite controversial. However, for you is clear: “It is super urgent”, to fight against climate change. “I understand the climate of youth!” She wanted to at least have your boys in 20 years and say, “Yes, because we would have had to do something, have not gotten it but on the range”.

“There is a need for concrete targets,”

Gerber is convinced that the free mind must take on climate Leadership. As a mediator between the poles and the representative of the economy. Because the economy was already more than politics.

Feldschlösschen about have committed in front of well over ten years to a CO2-lowering path and then from the brewing process, transportation, down to the lighting, looked at everything. Today, the brewery obtains 53 percent of its energy from renewable sources. By 2025, it will reach even 75 percent. That’s why she says: “There is a need for concrete objectives in a specific period of time. Everything else is watered down.” And that would be for the environment bad as for the beer.

Yes to the ticket tax, and higher gasoline prices

All well and good, but what does that mean exactly? Gaby Gerber is a Swiss airline tickets expensive? Yes, she says. For a moderate, even if an international flight would be expensive, the even better solution. “But that does not seem even close to the handle.”

And the truck and box, a castle-in-the-driver the drivers-the Canton of Aargau for a CO2 levy on fuels? Yes, she says also. Slides but: “of Course we must not forget the people in the country, which are dependent on the car. But we need to reduce CO2 emissions.” To do this, there is a need for Cost transparency and a total concept. Whether you are involved in it, is shown at 20. October.