G20 countries have stated that they intend to protect the global economy from the effects of coronavirus

G20 Countries have stated that they intend to protect the global economy from the effects of coronavirus G20 Countries have stated that they intend to protect the global economy from the effects of coronavirus
UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

the G20 Countries intend to react to disruptions in international trade and the volatility of the markets associated with the spread of the coronavirus. This is stated in a joint statement, the Trustees of the heads of G20 States adopted following the meeting on 12 March in the city of Khobar in Saudi Arabia. It is quoted by “Interfax”.

“Working together, we will cope with the outbreak of the coronavirus and its consequences, save human life and protect the global economy,” – expressed confidence the Trustees of G20 leaders. They also claim that “support obligations through the IMF and the world Bank” in terms of financing for developing countries that need it. “Encourage States to expand opportunities of funding,” – said in a statement.

“Countries “group of twenty” will strengthen their cooperation and coordination to control the outbreak of coronavirus, the health of the people, mitigate the economic impact and maintaining economic stability, avoiding stigma, ” reads the statement. In addition, representatives of the G20 countries promised to contribute to the development of early warning systems, proper treatment and vaccines against coronavirus.

Countries of “twenty” working closely with who in monitoring the pandemic, information sharing, promotion of preventive measures, early detection of cases and clinical care, said in a statement. In this senseand G20 leaders say that the main concern of the countries of “twenty” is to fight this disease at national level. At the same time they promise “to provide technical support to developing countries, health systems which are often weaker and the population more vulnerable.”

the representatives of the G20 call on the authorities of their countries in the field of health continue to support who in its efforts to fight the pandemic and Finance Department – to continue the ongoing work with international organizations to respond to the economic consequences of coronavirus.

According to recent reports, the world 126 631 confirmed case of infection COVID-19, died 4638 patients. On the evening of March 11, the world health organization declared the situation with coronavirus pandemic. The only country in Europe that still have not registered any case of infection with coronavirus, left Montenegro: as stated by epidemiologist local public health Institute Igor Galich, from the beginning of the epidemic in the country, surveyed more than 2,000 people, under the supervision of doctors at the moment are 392 people.

the Institute for public health of Montenegro emphasized that no cases of infection with coronavirus COVID-19 the country is not identified, and in case of detection of even one such case the public will be notified promptly.