Economics-The G20 leaders to promise more than 5,000 billion dollars and more than 4,500 billion euro in the global economy, and to pump water. That is to report them after the end of the virtual meeting, under the direction of the chairman of the United arab Emirates. The funds are part of their co-ordinated response to the coronapandemie.

The money dollars) through tax policies, economic policies, and state guarantees for social, economic, and financial impact of the pandemic is to be expected”, it is to be read in the joint statement.

you can also Read the LIVE. 385 a large part in the one-day-in-Lombardi – university of Ghent from 1 June to more than 40,000 students on campus at the testing

The ministers of Finance and governors of central banks from nineteen countries and the European Union will have to work closely and co-ordinate with other international actors, in order to “the appropriate international financial assistance” to be provided.

you may Also promise that they have the capacity to meet the increased demand for medical equipment has to meet.