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A truck driver was on his way from the south to the north this week. On Saltfjellet he shall have been met by a firefighter who ordered him to turn around.

another yrkessjåfør was supposedly refused to run back to the ramp at a store in the county.

Both stories are told by the Roar Melum, regionsjef in Norway Lastebileierforbund.

Also, consumer products companies have experienced turmoil. Coop Norway has among other things chosen to stop the sale of candy and nuts in løsvekt in all shops, because some municipalities began to introduce salgsforbud – others do not.

SALGSSTOPP: Coop decided Wednesday full halt in the sale of smågodt and nuts in løsvekt.

Photo: Ingrid Lindgaard Beach / nrk

Also Ørland adopted the following karantenekrav last week: Ørlendinger that have been in Trondheim must be at homecoming right in the 14-day quarantine. These were lifted on Friday evening.

Oppdal has sharpened the actions and introduces the 14 days quarantine for all citizens who return home to Oppdal after the visit in other municipalities. It will not be possible for visitors to stay overnight in the village.

In addition have a wide range of municipalities set karantenekrav to residents who have been traveling to the south of Dovre.

Defying the attorney general – requires quarantine for all who come to the commune

MAKES the JOB DIFFICULT: professional drivers are struggling to do its job now that municipalities are introducing different rules, ” says Roar Melum. Their job is defined as a criticism of society service. All drivers must now have a note in the car to show if they are stopped.

Photo: Klara Skovro Thoresen / NRK Shall lovlighetssjekke each commune

The last week, more and more municipalities adopted their own rules to slow koronasmitte. This they can do, with the authority of the smittevernloven.

Still believe the central authorities, there is reason to ettergå what each municipality has done. This is to find out if it actually is legal or not.

Therefore, the government has given a mission to all of the country’s fylkesmenn, via the ministry of Health: the county governors should now go through the resolutions to each and every municipality.

Work has already begun.

– We will look at karantenebegrensningene that municipalities have placed on the population. In addition, we ensure that criticism services release, says Audhild Buan, legal senior adviser at the County governor in the county.

the Mission is therefore about to go through the resolution as formally adopted. It will initially not include the strong requests that a number of municipalities have come up with.

Asks the municipalities to remove local policies

justice minister Monica Maeland has in the past day had meetings with all the county governors in Norway and the KS, which is concerned about how local policies affect the business community.

Mæland goes therefore far in to ask the municipalities invalidate the local rules and karantenebestemmelser.

All of the municipalities that can, must take away the local rules, ” says Mæland.

Mæland point out that FHI has made their own rules for domestic travel, and says the local actions have little effect on infection rates, as long as these are followed.

– I am big supporter of local democracy and have great confidence in our local politicians. They work around the clock, and working as best they can. But it to create your own karantener and borders, which makes that the local industry is not working, it is something else.

Some make decisions, others come with strong requests

Island Lecah of the county have introduced what they call “time out”. They have not made decisions, but the citizens have been strong requests to how they should relate. It involves, among other things, to act on other places than where they live. And they must take the ferry, they won’t leave with the car.

– There is a fierce mood of Lecah now. I think it is because of the uncertainty of the people, and different rules from place to place. In my opinion building the municipality under the people’s fears, says Lene Reppen Grydeland.

FEARS: Sit Reppen Grydeland is critical for the municipality to come with strong requests that scares.

Photo: Private / NRK

Lecah-mayor Elisabeth Helmersen has marked the irascible mood, especially on Facebook. But she believes it is more humility than the angry mood.

I’d rather see myself in the mirror after this is over, and think: We went too far. Rather that, than that we have not seized the opportunities we had. We have a unique opportunity to protect us, and that most of the citizens of our stay on the island, ” she says.

In contrast to the Grydeland, islander Ilse-Iren Johnsen Skogsøy glad that Lecah’s strong requests. She is struggling with a disease that weakens the immune system.

– I’m very afraid to be bad with the helseutfordringene I have. So I’m very glad that it is the same as it is now.

HAPPY: Ilse-Iren Johnsen Skogsøy is happy with measures of Lecah.

Photo: Private Would shut down an entire region

North of the county lies the region of Namdalen, with 10 municipalities and 35,000 inhabitants.

Where did the mayor of Namsos, Arnhild holstad has been, called for closing the entire region – so that koronaviruset not got into. So far it is only proven one smittetilfelle in Namdalen.

– We saw that a number of municipalities in Northern Norway “closed” to their limits. And as responsible persons in our municipalities, we had to ask ourselves the question: Is this something we had to do, ” says holstad has been to NRK.

RATED CLOSURE: Namsos mayor Arnhild holstad has been, advocated to shut the whole Namdalen in the fight against korona.

Photo: Linda Rgan / NRK

It was not so Namdalen closed inside. But Namsos chose however to take the own grip that go beyond the national guidelines.

– We go far in recommending that, for example, students or others who live in Oslo, Trondheim and other major cities, should in self-imposed hjemmekarantene in 14 days when they come to Namsos.

holstad has been is happy with the job the county governors, now is the time.

– It’s fine, but they should have started before, ” she says.

According to her, there is much fear among the citizens.

Everyone asks why we don’t take grip, and refers to other municipalities who are doing things in other ways.

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