A mathematician has proved it for VIEWS scientifically: The new long-distance Double-Decker FV-Dosto SBB are not only puncture-prone, but also a Schüttelzug. Gerhard Wesp (45) has been measured using a smartphone and the App “AccDataRec”, how it shakes the passenger during the travel, with the Bombardier train from left to right.

the SBB-train to be Shaken. And that is so strong that these complaints according to the online portal “Watson” of pain and discomfort at the end of the working day. An SBB employee is told by a colleague that due to meniscus problems for several weeks by the train model dispense left. Other reports of back, knee, and leg pain.

a Sudden Shake

“pain in My hips. I am ready-made pasta”, – quotes the Portal an SBB conductor. The pain would come of it, he must contract constantly. This makes the muscles and to create finally the hips.

The train shakes only. The shocks would also occur very suddenly, says Jürg Hurni (57) of the trade Union of transport personnel SEV to “Watson”. Accordingly, the staff would prepare on the train constantly for it.

The actions of the train conductor are penetrated with the company. “We take these instructions very seriously and have already implemented measures”, is quoted by the SBB spokeswoman Sabine Baumgartner. However, the proof that the Double-Decker was the cause of the meniscus problems is currently lacking.

breakthrough in may,

or So the SBB want to get the Shaking in the handle. In may, CEO Andreas Meyer (58) announced that the manufacturer had the shaking problem is a breakthrough.

Meyer: “Bombardier has shown us that there is a technical solution to the fluctuations in the get movement in the handle and to bring to the level of the IC2000.” In the last few weeks now with a Software Update. (jfr)

Forceps delivery, breakdown and Problemzug and many attributes that one or more of the Google search in connection with the FV-Dosto. The suffering history of the new Bombardier double-sticks started early. The largest and 1.9 billion Swiss francs, the most expensive procurement contract, the SBB was granted in 2010. The 59 trains per day travelling would have been delivered by the end of 2013 and in the following year, across the country to roles. But then it came again and again to serious delays. The Start was postponed from year to year to the back.

Still in the mind: problems with steep wheelchair ramps at the entrances (see picture). Train doors don’t close and the delay. Software problems, the technicians on Board, it is essential to make. Too little space for a pram in the game compartment “Ticki Park” – passengers must give folding seats-free, for families to find adequate Parking.

Since the timetable change 2018/2019 twelve Dostoauf are only the IR lines 13 and 37 between Chur, St. Gallen, Zurich and Basel on the rails. On the parade route of St. Gallen–Geneva, the summer holiday is to travel for the first time Dosto. The SBB want to have by the end of 2019 all of the 59 trains, and three more on the rails. Ulrich Rotzinger