your question precisely, one would have to know more about the history of this Person, or about how you categorize in the first place.

most Likely, this Person is a TRANS person. So a man who had at birth, in biological terms, a clear gender, this gender but not belonging to the felt but to the other. Case, TRANS people often assume that they “were born in the wrong body”. This basic concept of “wrong” but is actually something losses. The decisive factor is the incongruity between felt and originally present gender is, as I said.

In regards to your question, it could be that the Person is a TRANS woman. So a woman who came as a biological man to the world, but as a woman felt. TRANS people can go through a process by which you adapt your body to the perceived identity. This process is multi-faceted. It can include the administration of hormones, surgery, or even things like voice training, or any other body therapy.

To be sung of a gender-body Operation (GAO) in the case of a TRANS woman that the Penis is a female sex is shaped. A uterus and fallopian tubes is a TRANS-woman after that, but not, as it is the independent institutions.

another possibility is that you mean a TRANS man. So, as a woman-born Person, who is already living as a man and may hormones, but not yet operational alignment behind. Then you might have your uterus and the fallopian tubes.

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