to experience, Especially men, it is often as a great burden, if you start late or with little experience, to love life. You want to make the Sex a lot and deliver, above all, a rock-solid erection. The Stress that this creates, but it is often exactly what makes the Penis at all until limp. All the attention is suddenly on the head, and circles around any Fears. Relaxed to Enjoy is no longer possible.

That the condom is an erection killer, is also common. The Plating needs a little attention and skill, the sensations in the body change, to perceive a new smell. In a Moment, the erection subsides, maybe for short, is completely normal. Inexperienced users are advised about but often so much in excitement that the Penis is completely flaccid. And the condom becomes the “enemy”. Including protection against diseases and pregnancy, what triggers somewhere in the back of the head but again, Stress and a bad Conscience, suffers then.

It was a nice gesture of trust that your friend has allowed here to inquire of his Situation. Discuss, what could be a next step so he can learn to feel his body well to gain sexual safety.

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