good for . Since then, I have little desire, not on self-satisfaction. I am now very uncertain about what this means for my sexuality, because I’ve experienced a lull. This will change again? I have exaggerated it sexually? Luke

What may change is good and feels right in life, sometimes surprisingly quickly. Quite simply, because different stages of life bring different needs. Some of these needs, we can bring good to our self-image, others come to us with weird and inappropriate.

it’s You you seem used to the idea that sexuality plays in your life. To have little desire, is a new feeling for you, and new feelings and situations can seem strange or even threatening. That you notice a slowdown after a Phase of very intense, active sexuality also twice, is nothing but logical.

don’t you realize that everything in life happens in cycles. On each High-to a Low the following activity alternates with passivity. Respect your current need, instead of making you print, you have to pochst the Now with earlier, compare, or change, for which the time is maybe just not ripe yet.

belongs To a sexuality that is, that it is accepted also in a quiet phase as part of your. Ask yourself, in what areas of life beyond sexuality, you will find pleasure and fulfillment, instead of looking for charms and performance in bed. Cultivate pleasure and sensuality in different themes. So you can enrich each other.

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