After the general meeting of the German Football League (DFL), the new managing director, Donata Hopfen, assured that she did not want to open up every additional source of money for the Bundesliga. There shouldn’t be play-offs and supercups in Saudi Arabia.

Consolidate position in the Bundesliga: New managing director Donata Hopfen (46) wants to modernize German professional football, but not at any price. In an international comparison, she sees the Bundesliga in third place, as she explained on Monday after the DFL general meeting. The aim must be “to stay there and also to close the gap towards the Premier League and La Liga.”

Clear edge in Supercup and Play-Offs: A Supercup in Arabian regions or a Play-Off mode to increase profits through more games are not options: “It doesn’t matter and never has. To put it bluntly.” In a “Bild am Sonntag” interview in February, she left this open.

More games on free TV: Planning is also about making football more popular again. “Future scenarios for the league are being worked out. More games on free TV are part of the idea,” says Hopfen.

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