if you want to know what are the hottest Trends in food and beverages, is in Cologne (D) find. The trade fair Anuga, taking place at the moment. Manufacturers present their new products to a specialist audience and the General Public. With company from Switzerland. Overall, they present, according to the organizer-website 42 products.

The Migros companies Micarna about “Angry Nuggets” (dt. Angry Nuggets) before. The Chicken-Nuggets-Alternative made from meal worm flour and peas are intended for angry children, explains the Described. “Thanks to their rapid preparation method, the Pop-Bugs”Angry Nuggets promise” of the Micarna, especially of: angry Kids, happy Kids so quickly.” Whether this Argument stressed-out parents are convinced?

model meat

The ETH Startup is Planted Foods addiction, in turn, with “Pulled” Planted, ” a Chicken,” the success of. The herbal chicken is according to information from fabrics 100 percent natural ingredients. Traditional meat is the structure, the taste and the mouth feel is related but.

All substitute products for meat and fish are the big theme this year. Not only at the trade fair in Cologne, Germany. A new study by the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute called “Hacking Food: The reinvention of our food” from our diet will fundamentally change.

another example of the US’s flagship company Beyond supplying Meat. Thanks to Beyond Sausage, a sausage made from peas, Fava beans and rice proteins, also can Vegans eat Hot Dogs. Vegan shrimp produced a company out of Taiwan. According to the “world” to convince the non-animal animal in Texture, but not quite to the taste.

Healthy chocolate Snack

Real meat, but in a healthier variant, there is Coop, a subsidiary of Bell. The Abraham-country ham is a dry-cured ham-novelty. The reason for this is 25 percent less salt than usual.

Really bizarre is different. About the manufacturer Max sports from Slovakia. Your chocolate bars Collagen+ contains the bovine collagen Peptan. The Snack is to keep joints healthy, strengthen the hair and skin Shine. This should prove to clinical Tests.

Even you can buy the product “Air Up”. The water bottle is equipped with an Aroma-Ring. Who drinks from the bottle of pure water, get a taste of the air bubbles in the nose sprayed. Of a “great Prank” for the brain itself, the co-founder of the company speaks. (jfr)