In the gym of the high school Schmitt pointed out in Niederweningen present on Friday and Saturday, the four graduating classes work to the Public, your diploma. The 77 students have laid in the last months of their school time powerful into the stuff.

From your own cooking and baking paper on a self-programmed choice of career-App, restored scooters, high quality Covers to pressed on vinyl, a self-attempt to cope during a week in a wheelchair everyday life, to furniture and home accessories handmade various projects.

graduation as a worthy frame for graduation

the idea with the Project scope to implementation and the presentation have prepared the graduating students almost everything yourself. A week after the exhibition, you will then get your diploma. Headmaster Hans-Peter Ogi is impressed with what the young people could think of everything and how your projects are implemented: “The completion of work are always a Highlight. With this project, can also Shine students, which not all school subjects are easy like work. The graduation ceremony is a worthy frame for the completion of compulsory education,” he says in an Interview with LOOK.

to restore furniture and home accessories to create

“a Little nervous I am before my presentation,” confesses Vanessa company jöhl. The budding medical practice assistant has been restored with her colleague Jessica Kunz furniture in the Shabby Chic and Decorative items such as lamps, a mirror and a Vase created. “The old furniture standing about a year in our basement. To dispose of instead of you, we wanted to refresh you.” In the case of the electrical work, has Jessica’s father supported you something. With the result of your work you are satisfied and want to sell the furniture and accessories at the exhibition.

Mattia Keller has benefited, in his final work of his father. His father has a carpentry and him in the workplace, machines, and wood for the self-made table provided. “Walnut is very expensive,” says the Junior. More than 100 hours, he took me safely to the dining table with the milled Switzerland, with rivers and shimmering blue lakes make. The idea came to Mattia cellar in the skiing holidays in Graubünden. “There was a similar table with the waters of Graubünden. I loved it and wanted to depict the whole of Switzerland on my walnut table top.” Where the table should stand, and white Mattia exactly: “I will give him to my mother’s for the balcony.”

New Lounge from old pallets for balcony

customized, The twin sisters Amy and Kimberly Krähenbühl also have furniture for the balcony. You have made not only the pallet Lounge itself, but also the matching Covers for the seat cushion is sewn. “We dwell not long in Niederweningen, and on the balcony we have a beautiful space,” says Amy. She is the creative head of the twins. “I am in favour of technically talented,” says Kimberly. The pallets could take your mother for free from your employer. “At the tedious was it, until we says the backrest so that you can sit really comfortable,” Kimberly recalled.

Also Aris Goyance and Philipp Biefer have Fallen on the pallet furniture Trend. Their Lounge with two Sofas and a table if you have additionally equipped with rollers. Aris has already made a wood Cabinet himself, and Philip also has a degree of skill. “If it is to be bought in us home furniture and need to be positioned, I’ll have to take most of the time”, explains Philipp. The artisan Duo has made in the project work in addition to sell their Lounge. Aris Goynce: “Around 250 francs, we want to charge for it.”

terraces Lounge for the Grandfather

Michelle Clausen and Vlora Asani will give your white garden lounge Vloras grandfather for his terrace. “I am often with the grandparents. Then I still have some of that,” said Vlora, laughing. As a Team, they would have complemented the project work, will be explained Michelle Clausen: “We knew from the beginning that we want to build something lasting.” The pallets were able to get the fathers of the two students, free of charge. Underestimated you could have the painter work in Vlora Asani says: “With the Paint we had almost more effort than the build.”

Something Permanent to build, Linda Galli wanted to also. The budding KV-Apprentice wanted a new bed, and the occasion of the completion of work is used, such a to make. A well-Known family with a carpentry has supported something. “We were in the joinery works, and he has helped me that the bed is properly screwed. So it can be disassembled and re-erected.” Your project partner Sina Häberli will start after the holidays, your training as a specialist care. They built a deck for the Pergola to the home, overhead. Since March, the students were in the works. Both of them are satisfied with the results of your work and confident that it’s enough after the oral presentation for a good grade.

raised bed to Bioswiss build and manage

Philipp Hirt, and Olivia Secrist wanted to start for your thesis actually a Petition against the plastic waste in Switzerland and submit. Philip shepherd: “We have not noticed soon that the time frame for this, easy.” So the two have decided conscious students a short hand for the construction of a sustainable Hochbeets with recyclable materials. “Pine wood is good,” says Philipp. The aim was to cultivate the raised bed even after Bioswiss guidelines. The idea was that Olivia can place the raised bed in itself. For transport reasons, this will not be possible. “But I have a small flower Bed in the garden with herbs and vegetables. The planted raised bed we set up after the exhibit on the farm with Philip’s parents.”

On Friday, 5. July 17 to 21 PM, and on Saturday, 6. July from 9 am to 12 PM, all the diploma of the graduating classes working in the high school to visit Schmittenwis in Niederweningen.