“Unfortunately we have received no answer from the Court of appeal on a question on, whether he can be released. Both he and I think that the pre-trial detention has lasted just long enough. But we must recognize that it is not an unusual situation, he has ended up in. I know examples of some that have been in custody for over a year,” says his Danish lawyer Lars Thousig to B. T.

On Bernio Verhagens behalf he had earlier this month asked the Court in Viborg to devote some time to that he could provide a new explanation.

“But they would not be,” says Lars Thousig.

this is up to the trial must be carried out as planned 28.-30. april in Viborg.

“Admittedly, Denmark is currently hard hit to coronakrisen. This means that many authorities have shut down. But since the country officially ‘only’ is closed down up to 14. april, I have heard nothing about, that the trial likely to be postponed,” says Lars Thousig, who tells that you go for an acquittal.

“I believe that there are good opportunities,” says Lars Thousig.

How to see the prosecutor Katrine Melgaard, however, not the case.

“We’re going for a prison sentence that will be meted out in a number of years. After strafskærpelsen of rape, he risks at least two years and six months in prison,” says Katherine Melgaard.

Bernio Verhagen was after a grundlovsforhør in the Court in Viborg convicted in november, because he is accused, among other things, violence and threats against a former girlfriend.

he is Also accused of having fled from the police.

Bernio Verhagen stack of the 16. december, when he the morning had been to court in Viborg.

But over dinner he fled, when he the two officers have to be transferred to the jail in the town.

the Police chased him, and the player was also very active in the social media.

“today I left the prison, and right now I’m on the way to Sweden to visit a good friend,” he wrote, among other things.

It proved, however, not to hold the connector, and Bernio Verhagen was subsequently found in a basement room in a block of flats in the town.

Even wrote Bernio Verhagen this about the incident with his chilean girlfriend in the kiosk:

“The night we had a quarrel in a kiosk in Viborg. After it escalated the situation. The media only shows the part where I’m ‘violent’. I beat her,” he wrote, and added:

“I was just trying to get my phone. I regret it so much, because I love the girl dearly. I did everything for her. There are so many videos showing that she is doing things to me. But I would never publish them,” wrote Bernio Verhagen, who now sits in custody in Aarhus Attachment.

“Here he has in his cell to watch tv and get on the recreation yard,” says Lars Thousig.

Bernio Verhagen was in november on contract in the football club Viborg FF, in a press release described him as a “fast and aggressive player”.

the Agreement was three weeks later repealed when it went up the helm, to his fodboldmæssige abilities were severely limited.

“We have no comments on the matter. It is the past and we are looking at other things. The case is handed over to the police, and it is them who is in charge of the,” have Viborg director Morten Jensen stated earlier to B. T.