she is the most famous Naturalized citizens of Switzerland, and now goes into the policy: Funda Mignogna-Yilmaz (27) is a candidate migrants in the Canton of Aargau for the list of SP, such as the “Aargauer Zeitung” reported.

On the borders of the country known to the young woman, two years ago, was refused, as the Einwohnerrat from Buchs AG naturalisation. The naturalisation Commission had not previously come to the conclusion that the young Turk “meets the requirement of successful Integration”.

Swiss second chance

The case caused outrage, had to answer the at that time still unmarried Yilmaz before the Commission, but many small issues. Among other things, it is not a question of whether you buy from a wholesale distributor or in the village lädeli, also she knew the village butcher.

The decision made, not only in Switzerland, but even in the world a shake of the head. Paper was a laughingstock. And the municipal Council decided to request another Time the Parliament. In the second attempt it worked: Yilmaz was Swiss! “I’m very relieved!”, the Deep: architectural draughtswoman said at the time to LOOK. And announced, the SP to join.

“at first, I really didn’t want to”

Now she lives in Prague and is married with Nico Mignogna. The Couple is expecting its first child. And now she wants to be in the policy foot. For that, you had to be a jerk. “As for me Florim Kadriu of the SP migrants asked if I wanted to run on their list, I was amazed that they were ever come to me,” says Mignina-Yilmaz in the “Aargauer Zeitung”. “In the beginning, I really didn’t want to, because I was afraid that this would be a media uproar.”

her husband tells her to support. And your parents said you had to grab this huge opportunity. Although she describes herself as reserved and shy, is the adventure. “In the course of the whole of the naturalization of history, I have learned to overcome myself and to approach people.”

Politically use to Mignogna-Yilmaz for affordable health care, the equality of migrants and increase their political participation. However, she is aware of the fact that a seat of profit is difficult. But she makes it clear: “This is not the last election, I can collect for later experience.”

SP-Wermuth is happy

early on, has sought SP-national councillor Cédric Wermuth (33) to the famous Naturalized. It has now folded, pleased him even more. “We are very excited and are of course a bit of pride, that Funda is to be a candidate,” he says to VIEW.

“she has a lot of courage and Conviction demonstrated with your naturalization history and is a great sympathy for the wearer,” says Wermuth. He is convinced that “we will all hear a lot more from her”.