this year the students will not have to travel outside the municipalities in which they live, regardless of what the exam is, a large number of examinees or small. So, of course, we had to increase the number of classrooms for the examinations. In the Rostov region they will be 1953 – said the first Deputy Governor Igor Guskov. There are other features this year.

So, among subjects exam excluded mathematics basic level. Examinations will be held only for students in higher education. Tenth graders will not be able to pass the exam, as it was in previous years.

moreover, the students taking the exam have the right to change the list of selected subjects and the timing of the exams listed in the previously filed statements. This requires a week before the date of the relevant exam apply to the state examination Commission of the region.

For members who for good reason will not be able to take the exam in July, an additional period of exams in August.

August 3 will be the exam in geography, literature, computer science, biology, history and the oral exam in a foreign language. August 5 – in the Russian language. August 7 – social studies, chemistry, physics, core mathematics and the written part of the exam in a foreign language. August 8 in the schedule provided for a reserve day for exams in all subjects.

July 3 – geography, literature and Informatics.

on 6 and 7 July – Russian language

July 10 – the relevant mathematics

July 13 – history and physics

July 16 – social studies and chemistry

July 20 – biology and foreign language (written)

on 22 and 23 July – foreign language (oral)

July 24 is the reserve day for examination in all the subjects, except Russian language and foreign

July 25 – reserve day for examination in all the subjects