an American doctor flying from new York to San Francisco in the company of colleagues, I was amazed to crowded passenger plane during a pandemic coronavirus. His dissatisfaction he expressed in Twitter account.

Cardiologist Ethan Weiss (Ethan Weiss) protested the fact that the carrier is United Airlines not keep to basic security measures on their flights. “It seems that United Airlines already weakened social distancing! Each seat in this Boeing-737 was busy… I Think that I didn’t want to fly airplanes,” complained the doctor.

For publication, he attached a photograph of the cabin where every seat sit travelers in disguise. According to Weiss, ten days before the flight, the airline assured him that every middle seat will be free, but it turned out to be wrong.

the Doctor also said that he was in a group of 25 health workers who went to new York to help with coronavirus infected patients, and was back home in San Francisco.

Earlier in may, touristy without their masks on the plane from new York to South Carolina are outraged mother, flying to the pregnant daughter. Chrissy Maloney (Krissy Maloney) said it expected American Airlines enforce the terms of the safety of passengers, available seats in the middle rows to ensure distancing. But in fact all the seats were occupied.