Who is not home when a package arrives, you must pick it up at the post office counter. Since 2013, the can be made around the clock on MyPost 24-vending machines. In any case where it has a in the district. Usually at shopping centers or in Parking lots, such as in the case of Discounter Aldi.

A Service of the Post office, make use of the primary full-time work at the end of the Online buyers like. There are now over 130 such parcel machines in all of Switzerland. Until next year, it should be 200.

Full automatic in Bern

However, the Package does not always work reliably. In the Bern Länggasse the largest MyPost-automatic machine of Switzerland since the end of August. 221 boxes in five sizes, it has.

Nevertheless, many a Post was not able to pick up customer Parcels, such as the German consumer magazine “K-Tipp” reported. Reason: No compartment in the appropriate Parcel Size was not available. Instead, the Post referred the recipient to the next switch. There he could pick up his package, but only to the normal Hours of opening.

package object can be costly

the Package should be in the MyPost 24-machine is actually a simple thing. Consignments can also be used directly on the machine franking. Only: If there are no small lockers are available, customers need to switch to larger boxes.

But that goes into the money. For a packet with Size M, the way leaves customers 7 francs. All of the compartments M and L are occupied, all that remains is the possibility of a XL-specialized to Dodge. This costs 22 francs. Or you can go to the switch opening times for post office.

the Parcel-Trouble in spite of 221 subjects

The Post claimed, “this happens to cases according to experience, only in exceptional circumstances”. Although she finds the event in Bern “effectively angry”. The yellow giant can’t explain the error however.

Inexplicably, the capacity of the machine: The 221 subjects in the Bern Länggasse need for 20’000 inhabitants, rich. The packages are left there for up to 15 days. In the yellow machine like the one in Bern it might be so often close, as the Post admits.