With the part of expansion of the Lötschberg base tunnel, threatening a months-long blockage of the important road connection (VIEW reported). The Federal office for transport (BAV) confirmed the blocking, but how long this will take, and the BAV makes no representations. But-research shows that Involved circles expect with a spacing of “at least four to six months”.

The Lötschberg-Tunnel will be closed for half a year? For the cantons concerned, this announcement comes as a complete surprise. “During the parliamentary debate, there was talk of a block, never,” says the Valais CVP-Nationalrat Philipp Matthias Bregy (41). It requires the SP-transport Minister Simonetta Sommaruga (59) therefore, in the question hour, the answers are clear.

SVP-Neuhaus: “the New output location”

the answers to the Berne, Federal councillor, the Bernese wait. “It takes actually a long block, we are facing a new situation”, stressed SVP cantonal councillor Christoph Neuhaus (53).

“the economy in the longer term, a full expansion with two continuous lights would be seen, however, directly make the most sense”, is for the construction and transport Director, as well as studied by Economists is clear. “It is only right, because with a block, additional costs are likely to arise.”

Also, the clarifications on the part of the defense Department, what should be done with the previous ammunition storage using wood in the Bernese Oberland, it is necessary to in the Considerations to include. “But we are not decisive”, the Ball was not in Canton, but “it is quite clear to the Federation,” said Neuhaus.

He expected that the Federal government is examining the full-expansion as an Alternative seriously.

the New push for full expansion of

Exactly this CVP-man Bregy required in a proposal that he will submit in the autumn session. According to the BAV, the full expansion at a cost of 1.4 billion Swiss francs. For the already adopted part of the expansion, 930 million were estimated.

For Bregy, however, is clear: “Because of the new Situation, we must expect both versions once again.” Indeed, it is assumed that a multi-month lockout, the cost of the Part will increase further. If, instead, but the same could be full expansion, would this not be more a lot more expensive, say the proponents of a second tube.

Because: “on the one Hand, additional costs will arise when the trains need to be diverted via other routes”, so in the Valais. “On the other hand, the economic costs have to be included – a ban would definitely bring a negative impact on tourism.”

Rewarding the additional investment

Nevertheless, the difference is likely to account for a few Hundred million Swiss francs. Bregy thinks this is still a worthwhile investment, not only for the Valais. “Lonza is one of many workers from outside arrive – for example, from the Region of Thun or Bern. In addition, many tourists from German-speaking Switzerland, use the rail to Valais,” said Bregy.

Now is also the right time to the full expansion in time, the Elevator silent. A certain amount of delay he takes to it like: “Instead of a semi-batzigen part of the solution, I’d rather wait two, three years longer on a clean solution. It is a project of the century!” Bregy assumes that his proposal has, in Parliament, a good chance.

Support of the Alpine initiative,

full thrust for full expansion comes also from the environmental side: The Alpine initiative requirement decidedly behind Bregys. “A second Lötschberg tube for the shift of traffic from road to Rail for more capacity and more flexibility,” says the Alpine Initiative President and SP-national Council candidate Jon Pult (34, GR).

The additional costs were a no brainer seen. “It’s going to be a generation project,” underlines the console. “It is a dumb would not make sense to grab this opportunity now.”

could Benefit from the Lötschberg-friends of the change in the traffic Department With Simonetta Sommaruga since the beginning of the year SP-woman in charge who wants to make the policy of shifting forward.