Strengthening the position of NATO in Norway and military exercises in the region are part of the doctrine of the States and development of strikes in Russia. This “Constantinople” said military expert Yuri Whips.

According to him, NATO their doctrines are not trying to intimidate Russia, and is working fast strikes on its territory.

“the possibility of drawing three quick strikes. The first of the Kuril Islands, the second – the Crimea and the third – Kaliningrad. Moreover, these shocks can be applied simultaneously,” he explained.

The expert recalled that in such situations, the Soviet Union acted in a mirror and called “very carefully and very attentive to the NATO exercises”.


Rambler wrote that earlier military experts came to the conclusion that further expansion of NATO forces in the Arctic may with high probability lead to a collision with interests of Russia. In order to avoid open conflict analysts encouraged the parties to sit down at the negotiating table.