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– It is neither startling nor particularly surprising that young people are seriously ill and need intensive care, ” says director Jon Henrik Laake, by Rikshospitalets intensive care unit.

Earlier this week told health professionals at the Hospital that it makes the impression that so many young people are bad.

– We are not used to seeing so many, young and previously healthy severe ill patients at a time, ” says intensivsykepleier Anne-Lise Solum.

Last week wrote VG that 11 patients under 50 years were intensive care with koronasmitte at Norwegian hospitals. Two of the patients under 24 years of age.

– Young and healthy have statistically less likely to become seriously ill. But among the few who are seriously ill, we will also find young. It is important that people are aware of it, when you have a disease that will affect the entire mankind, it would be strange not to find patients in all stages of life, ” says Laake.

Korona frames differently – this can be some of the explanations – As expected in a biological variety

the Majority of those who are affected by koronaviruset, the elderly and people with chronic diseases, but also young people who are outside b vaccination programs can be seriously ill.

In Norway, there are already several examples of young people who have received or receive intensive care.

– There will be some young people who get it. If this is an expression of something special about their biology, we have no knowledge about. But it is not unusual that the disease occurs in a spectrum from mild to life threatening. This is as expected in a biological variety, ” says the chief physician Laake.

In this perspective, there is no one who is surprised that young patients coming to hospitals. We hope that it becomes the smallest possible, and the fewest number of children, ” he says.

the survival of The fittest

Laake says we still know too little about koronaviruset, but that estimates based on the figures from China indicate that 95 per cent of the koronasmittede is healthy by itself, possibly with the supplementation of oxygen and antipyretic, while five per cent of the total are critically ill and must be treated in the intensive care unit.

In Norway, it is too early for that, we can have a clear opinion about the same figures apply in the us, ” says Laake.

Superior says he personally does not have knowledge that suggests that there is something special about those patients who do not have underlying disease that are ill, which makes them extra vulnerable.

This follows a common pattern. Are you a newborn or very old, are you more susceptible to everything that can put your normal kroppsfunksjon out of the game. You have serious chronic diseases, and are a man, are you also more prone. Beyond this, there is an element of the seemingly totally healthy who are hit hard without that we can point to factors in the patients, which indicates that it is on the way.

This is due just like normal biological variation, as a specific sårbarhetsfaktorer, ” says Laake.

Almost twice as many koronadødsfall among men as among women Need specially trained personnel

In the beginning of march attended by Jon Henrik Laake in the “Debate” and when he said that the type of expertise staffing levels at hospitals have, should be a major theme.

The main restriction is enough on bemanningssiden. It is enough so that the very alvorligst sick, they need the help of specially trained personnel. It is not something you can grab out of the closet, or give a short course so they are up and running, he said in the program 3. march.

The patients that you get on your board, i.e. the patients with serious lung disease. How is the mortality rate for such patients?

– These develops a pneumonia that has a further course to that which we call acute lungesviktsyndrom. In Europe the mortality rate for this type of patient, in approximately 30 per cent.

Laake says it is important that the authorities and the population know that it is the way the situation is.

– There is no spell to help these patients to be healthy. They should have intensive medical treatment, but the mortality rate will be high.

Think we can get similar koronasituasjon Italy

– do Not underestimate the virus

the World health organization (WHO) has repeatedly warned that the covid-19 is more dangerous for young people than many realize.

– We do not understand why some young, healthy persons develop severe disease and die, while others do not. Never underestimate a new virus, ” says Bruce Aylward, assistant director general of WHO to the newspaper Time Magazine.

the WHO has warned the world’s young people the courage to believe that koronaviruset only affects the elderly.

– You are not invincible. This virus can send you in hospital for weeks and even kill you, says WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Korona-mortality rates in Italy could be due to resistant bacteria

the Pandemic requires not only cross-border cooperation, but also cooperation between generations, emphasises Tedros, who thanks the young people who protect the older at yourself to take precautions.

I am grateful that so many young people spreading the word and not the virus, says WHO the boss is.

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