In the Laptop industry there were two, at times, entirely separate worlds. The Consumer sector with a large width of cheap entry-level devices up to gigantic gaming machines. And the Business area, where it is mainly about productivity.

These times have changed. The Manager want today, not with a shapeless block to the Meeting, but with a chic Notebook. Also because you don’t use it often, only for business but also private.

This balancing act, dares to Fujitsu, the new Lifebook U938. The specialist for Business applications, showing a surprisingly good sense for stylish Design. The U938 on is, of course, with the red Cover, but was otherwise timeless and classic. The colorful color is not a fool, the housing is made of Magnesium, has a high quality and very robust.

Positive, one is surprised by the weight of the compact laptop with a 13.3-inch screen. Only 920 grams, the Lifebook. So, it is Ideal to take it with you real quick in the pocket. From the Business field as well as the matte Display comes in the 18:9 Format and 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. The shines not in such a way, to Work it, he is much more pleasant. And it reflects less in the sunshine.

hand vein instead of the fingerprint

Typical business Laptop is that the manufacturer does without a touch screen. So that you can live safely. Much more important is that, in spite of the compact design, not on connections is dispensed with. HDMI port, three USB, network socket, a memory card reader and a SIM card slot and a Smart Card reader. After all, one of the USB ports is a new type of C, the charger needs to be plugged into a conventional network connector.

it is Important for business customers with the security features, which can of course be also for all other Users. About the built-in Trusted Platform Module that extends the encryption and security features. So, you can screen about the hard drive specifically. So that no one gains unauthorized access, you can secure the Lifebook U938 with a Smart Card.

in Addition, there is a vein and a Scanner that is not analyzed, but the Finger or the face, but the Hand. This specialty of the Fujitsu may be a little slower than the thumb print, but should be the unmistakable pattern of the hand veins are virtually impossible to forge. To Unlock you just have to keep your Hand over the Sensor on the bottom of the keyboard.

fully equipped in a light and compact body

Otherwise, the latest technology is built-in: In our test, a core i7 processor, the eighth Generation with 20 GB of RAM, a fast SSD hard drive with 512 GB device. The battery lasts about eight to nine hours when working with Wi-Fi connection. That’s fine.

Very pleasant, the keyboard offers good feedback when typing. And also the Touchpad with two physical buttons, is predestined for the continuous operation. Here one is happy, has put Fujitsu on traditional technology, and not on the supposedly fancier, more modern variants. A pity only, lacks a keyboard backlight.

VIEW-test conclusion: 2592 francs at the cost of our test device in full equipment, available for example in There are also variants with less computing power, such as a U938 with the i5 processor for 1764 Swiss francs. You will receive a first-class Notebook for daily work, this is light and portable and yet fully equipped for business life.