Growth in the number of cases of treason in Russia after the annexation of Crimea in 2014 is related to the fact that this area has long been under the jurisdiction of another state. On Thursday, July 9, major General of the Federal security service (FSB) of Russia in the reserve Alexander Mikhailov said in an interview with “the”.

“Not all of those who live in the Crimea, was in awe of joining Russia. Many relatives in Ukraine, they are in solidarity with this country in matters of foreign policy and stand in the way of assistance to the Ukrainian intelligence services,” — said Mikhailov.

According to the General, the majority of those who commit espionage in favor of the Square, do not have access to some “super secret” information — however, these facts are the place to be.

“it makes the plant — hence the increase in the number of criminal cases of treason. And there will be more”, — said Mikhailov.

on July 8 reported that the Russian FSB officers attached to criminal case of treason against the adviser to the head of “Roscosmos” and a former journalist of the newspaper “Kommersant” Ivan Safronov two expert opinions which confirm the secrecy of the information transmitted to them.

July 7 Lefortovsky court arrested the adviser of the head of “Roscosmos” on charges of treason for two months — until September 6. Safronov is contained in the SIZO “Lefortovo”. The FSB believe that the former journalist was recruited in 2012 by the Czech intelligence services and in 2017 they performed the task.

a Possible motive for the detention Safronov called his publication when he was working as a journalist of the newspaper “Kommersant”. March 19, 2019 journalist released material about the alleged supplies of modern Russian su-35 fighters to Egypt over two billion dollars. After the publication of the material U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo threatened Egypt with sanctions. In June 2019, the article was removed, it became known that the publication can be brought to administrative responsibility for divulging state secrets.