FSB General appreciated the Czech security officials demolished a monument to Konev

Three Czech officials after the demolition of the monument to Marshal Ivan Konev, afraid of revenge of the Russian special services and asked for protection. According to local media, in Prague are already some employees of the GRU, who is planning to attack the initiators of anti-Russian actions.

About the possible response of the Russian special services on the offensive demolition of the monument told “MK” the General-the major of FSB in the reserve Alexander Mikhailov.

Recall that after the controversial demolition of a monument to Soviet hero who liberated Prague from Nazi occupation, three local official said on arriving in their address the threats and requested protection. One of them was the mayor of the district Prague 6 and the main initiator of the action ondřej kolář. After the demolition of the monument Kolar quipped that the way Konev was punished because he was on the street without a mask during the quarantine.

the Second person who was assigned guard, is another elder, this time of district Reparie – Pavel Novotny. This man was not involved in the demolition of the monument, however, scored offensive statements. For example, to the path of success, he allowed himself expressions such as “monster”, “psycho”, “mass murderer”, etc. moreover, currently exalted bureaucrat puts in the assigned area of the monument to General Vlasov.

the Third protected person became mayor zdeněk Grib. Though he was not involved in this ugly history, however, decided to err.

Local journalists are closely watching the reaction of the Russian side on an unfriendly attack. For example, on Friday, April 24, news portal Respekt noted that Vladimir Medinsky gave Russian investigators the list of persons responsible for the dismantling of the monument to Konev, and TFR opened a criminal case. At the same time there is information about the arrival in Prague of a suspicious citizen of Russia and even the whole group of intelligence.

According to the expert, “MK”, major General, retired FSB Alexander Mikhailov “GRU, Petrov, Bashirov is a political game, which is now enthusiastically playing the Czech officials”

– What are the special services? The fact that the officials in question indeed has the right to make such decisions. But the demolition of the monument is the result of the private opinions of people, in whose hands was the regulatory cudgel. Here we wanted to remove the monument, was removed. And now I’m afraid. But they (officials of the Prague – ed. “MK”) is primarily their fear. They were ambushed in front of his own countrymen, who will never forgive them. And here Russia? It is plain cowardice and an attempt to whitewash himself.