the Blue blood is not immune to coronaviruses. It was quite evident Wednesday, as the headlines the world over was that the british prince Charles has been found to be contaminated with covid-19.

But even though the vast majority of britons want their future king a speedy recovery, there is also some questioning about the situation. Why do prince Charles something that others may not? Specifically, the hovering questions about two things:

First and foremost, wonder why more of the british prince and his wife have been granted access to be tested, when thousands of health workers and sick britons can’t.

According to the press release, as the royal family sent out, the prince only mild symptoms and are otherwise in good health.

But how does it relate to the fact that healthcare in the Uk only test the ones that are so sick that they must be admitted, for the coronavirus?

This question poses a myriad of users on Twitter.

‘I wish prince Charles a good and quick recovery. However, taken the view that his symptoms are supposedly mild, I wonder like the others above, he is been tested, when health care professionals and other care-givers can not be tested,’ write, for example, Joan McAlpine, who in addition to being a journalist sitting in the scottish parliament. She continues:

‘My nephew, who has severe asthma and an infection in the chest, was recently denied a test.’

The british minister of health, Edwards Argar, rejects, however, Thursday, that the prince should have “skipped the queue” and says, moreover, that prince Charles delivered up to the criteria to be tested:

“I will not comment on the prince’s medical care or his special position, for it is a personal case. I do not comment any personsager,” he says, according to the Mirror.

the Same message is read from Catherine Calderwood, who is in charge of the scottish health service, who performed the test. She is satisfied with the test of both the prince and the duchess. But it is not all scots are satisfied. The second wonder, that spreads, deals namely the prince’s stay in Scotland.

the Government recommends clearly that the british not move around too much in the country and thus face the risk of further spread of the coronavirussen.

But it is precisely the opposite of what the 70-year-old prince and his wife have done.

In the aftermath of the eruption they moved Sunday out of their residence in London instead of go north towards the scottish highlands, where Balmoral Castle is located.

A movement, which was more to that shake of the head on Twitter. Including the scottish sportskommentator Derek Rae, wishing her a speedy recovery, but writes:

‘It is entirely legitimate to question that the advisers did not think it was irresponsible to move to the Balmoral, at a time when the scottish government refers to doing the opposite.’

Other Twitter users goes one step further and says outright criticism of the move has exposed both the helicopter pilots and the staff at the scottish castle of infection.

The scottish first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said Wednesday on the question of whether it remains the government’s recommendation not to seek refuge in the highlands:

“We want people to behave responsibly. We will not have people see in the highlands and islands as places you can seek refuge from the virus.”

“obviously, there are the people who have homes in Scotland, and decides to take the at h, but we should all behave responsibly,” she says to the Salisbury Journal.