The summer of 2022 will probably be one of the warmest since weather records began. Sure, everywhere it was too hot, too dry or too sunny. The German weather service has now published this summer’s top performers.

It was particularly warm everywhere this summer – with record values ​​in excess of 40 degrees. With 40.1 degrees Celsius, the heat record this year goes to Hamburg-Neuwiedenthal.

But on average, other particularly hot places cheat their way to the top:

The meteorologists agree: In the summer of 2022, far too little rain fell. The levels on important rivers such as the Rhine have dropped drastically. It was particularly dry in these places:

Heat, drought – of course, the summer of 2022 showed its sunny side. These places counted the most hours of sunshine:

As in every statistic, there is also a downside. In 2022, the places with particularly little sunshine will all be in Schleswig-Holstein:

It was particularly cold on average in these places:

Three places in Bavaria were able to save water, they are among the places with the most precipitation this summer: