the Explorer, “RG” talked about it, and not just with Catherine Bogacheva – Director General of the International forum “Russian film industry”, the repertory Manager of independent theaters.

do you Believe in chocolates and their future, in particular, in Russia?

Catherine Bogacheva: In a pandemic what drive-ins began to build and to revive in April in South Korea and Germany, then joined by other countries.

the drive-in definitely not a business. If you look at the recent history of this format in our country, there are several approaches. In a pandemic safe watching movies in the car – the only real alternative to home viewing. Therefore, a large cinema and regional cinemas have organized several such automobile theaters are mostly near existing sites, because at least need a big screen, a special sound, channel, professional projector and ticket sales system. From zero to be set is not cheap – will cost several million rubles.

don’t forget about the license (the right to publicly display the content), and about the permission of state structures. If the drive-in theater wants to expand the sale of tickets, the observance of such conditions is necessary. In some regions there are field equipment, summer theatres, parks and library permissions to organize festivals, where screenings to viewers free of charge.

you Know any more secure – how to watch a movie? For example, in Italy the movie was broadcast on the wall of a neighboring house, and people watched on the balcony.

Catherine Bogacheva: First of all, the summer cinema is a favorite format of film festivals. They arrange screenings in parks, and in the case of the car – even on the grounds near the cinemas. From recent experience – the floating cinema, which recently opened in Paris. On the river a bathing beach and defined a segment on the water for 38 motor boats, each of which can accommodate up to six people. And another 150 spectators can watch, of course, French movies from the shore. In one of the oldest theaters in Spain (Teatre Roma de Sagunt) colleagues launched a large-scale project – the classics of world cinema, accompanied by live music. Now also show short films on the subway, on the digital displays.

On what basis you made up the repertoire for the Russian chocolates?

Catherine Bogacheva: the Main condition – the needs of the audience. Go back to the library distributors, remember the movies marked the viewer’s attention at international film festivals, pay attention to the ratings of the leading cinortele world and the media. Of course, on the ratings system. In the selection often undervalued in the Russian hire the picture, which in other countries was demanded. For example, the “Whistlers” of the Romanian Director Corneliu Porumboiu, “Proxima” with Eva green in the lead role or “She”, Paul Verhoeven. On the other side – movies-the phenomenon, contrary to the predictions of critics demand in long rolling, such as “Patterson”, “the Green book”, “Gentlemen”. Vivid characters, history of overcoming the complexes and fears, as in the drama “blame the raccoon,” or adventure stories like “the Schemers”, – it is waiting for the viewer. I want to underline the documentary film “Banksy” about the controversial artist who are changing the world.

For any chocolates you made a program and who and how it will be for others?

Catherine Bogacheva: I’ve put together a programme of 16 films for autogynephiliacs #LetMiSee. It’s not really a drive-in theater. Let me explain: from a technical point of view – Yes, he is, but movies are shown here free of charge. Pictures are a tool to attract viewers, as it is a promotion to increase loyalty of the audience to a number of brands.